Shawty Swing THEIR Way


Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk series never fails to stir up controversy, and the latest episode is no different.  In the newest episode of RTT entitled “Toxic Forgiveness” Jada sits down with Will Smiths ex-wife Sheree, and takes a trip down memory lane.  In a promo clip the two discuss how Will and Sheree still go on vacations regularly.  Not only do they go on vacations, but they take these vacations alone!

Its no secret that Will and Jada have had relations outside of their marriage, as Jada had a huge scandal last year Involving her “Entanglement” with R&B singer August Alsina.  Will didn’t seem bothered by the affair when he went on RTT to discuss it.  Maybe he didn’t care because he does his own thing on the side as well! (Like these vacations with his ex-wife)

The women also talk about the dynamics of their relationship and different scenarios where they crossed the line and needed forgiveness.  If you ask me, going on vacation with an ex is crossing the line, but I’ll mind my business on this one.
The women also talked about other things they wanted to clear the air on.  This episode of RTT is available now on social media platforms.