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Hey Hey 7 Cities! It’s ya girl Blu and I am ready to take over the airwaves of the 757.  If you are looking for the latest local news, celebrity gossip, good vibes and jokes, I got you!  Weekdays from 10am-3pm, I am ready to make some noise and have a great time with you while you are at work or whatever you do in the morning!

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  • BLU Becomes The Defendant
    Every day BLU comes to BLU’s Court and delivers a verdict to a deserving defendant! This time, Tone Hollywood is the one giving out the verdict, and BLU is the recipient! Court is now in session!!
  • Wig Snatcher!
    Prepare to snatch your edges as BLU sentences Lawyer Anthony Orlich for snatching wigs! Court is now in session!
  • Shawty Swing THEIR Way
    Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk series never fails to stir up controversy, and the latest episode is no different.  In the newest episode of RTT entitled “Toxic Forgiveness” Jada sits down with Will Smiths ex-wife Sheree, and takes a trip down memory lane.  In a promo clip the two discuss how Will and Sheree still…